Hire reusable cups, plates and cutlery to save single-use items from your venue or next event.

Simply order and use – we collect and take care of the rest. For events big and small.

Our Promise: Re-Use Made Easy

Widest variety of products

Eliminate disposable cups, food containers, cutlery and more with our attractive re-usable items

Simple per-use pricing

Just order and use, we will collect afterwards, wash and re-use again

No charges for lost items*

You've got enough to worry about, that's why we've built a unique model that takes care of lost items

Why? Because you shouldn't have to choose between a great event or the environment.

Events of all sizes typically create single-use waste, increasing cleanup costs and damaging the environment along the way. More than ever, the world needs to move away from single-use, and patrons and stakeholders are demanding new solutions,

We understand it can seem challenging to avoid these single-use items such as cups, plates and cutlery – but that’s why we exist, to make re-use easy. 

We’ve helped organisations, event organisers, venues and individuals  reduce waste and impress with our re-usable solutions.

It’s all part of our mission to help events, venues and their patrons transition from single-use waste by making re-use convenient and attractive.

Reusable cups, plates and cutlery for events Sydney Australia

Together, we've saved over

Single-use items from landfill so far

How it works

Select items

We deliver

We collect and wash

By swapping from disposables to using Ruzi, you are saving energy, natural resources, landfill and its associated greenhouse gas contribution

Products we provide

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Cups for Alcohol, Tea, Coffee and more
Plates + Food Trays in various sizes
Cutlery, Straws and more

For events + venues of all sizes

Resuable items for events Sydney Australia

Smaller Events
20-200 people

Packages of re-usable items to suit everything from personal parties to corporate catered lunches. Simply select your items online and our team will deliver by courier and collect after the event. For any help, we are just a call away.

Reusable cups Randwick Council

Larger Events + Venues
201 - Thousands

For everything from school fairs, business conferences to sporting stadiums, we’ve got a solution. Get a quote from our team for fully managed services including pre-event planning, delivery, patron + vendor communication on the day, provision of collection points and cleanup.