Event Services FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Ruzi has a simple pricing structure that is comprised of the following:

  1. Per-unit rate for each item, mutiplied by the quantity of items ordered. For larger orders the per-unit rate is reduced.
  2. Delivery + Collection charge, this is based on the quantity of items and the location of the event.
  3. Collection point hire, this is a per collection bin charge for the number of collection points that are required onsite.

For pricing information please contact our team and we can assist.

This depends on the arrangement between event organisers and their vendors.

For some events, the organiser may wish to cover the entire cost of the service for vendors to help quickly transition their event into a zero-waste occassion. These costs may indirectly be covered by stallholder fees or other charges that already are paid by vendors. 

For other events, this may not be practical or desirable and the event organiser may wish for vendors to cover the entire or part of the cost for the Ruzi service. Many organisers are starting to stipulate to their vendors as part of their stall agreement that they must use a re-use service, which sets expectations early and avoids last minute conflict.

Our team can discuss options surrounding payment methods and then provide the best options to manage this.

No, we have developed our system to be seamless for organisers, vendors and their patrons – so we do not charge for items that inevitably go missing during events.

Our team builds an expected loss rate into our business model, and takes the risk for items that are not returned to collection points by patrons.

We do ask organisers, vendors and their patrons to minimise loss rates wherever possible for both economic and environmental reasons.



This largely depends on expected event attendance but we appreciate this is difficult to predict.

With this in mind, we offer a refund up to 20% of the total order for un-used stock (e.g. if you ordered 1000 units but did not use them all, we would not charge for up to 200 of the un-used items). 


Ordering can be done via 2 methods

  1. By emailing our team at info@ruzi.com.au – our team members will help organisers and vendors place their order
  2. By using our (soon to be launching) online self-ordering tool, this will enable vendors to select type and quantity of items, and pay online

We currently provide the following items (please click to view range):

We are constantly seeking new types of items based on the feedback and requests of organisers and vendors. If we do not have a suitable item for your use-case please contact at our team at info@ruzi.com.au as we are likely able to source it for addition to our portfolio going forward.