Swap to attractive reusable items to save single-use cups + food service containers at your sporting venue.

We work with your food + beverage vendors to supply re-usable items, before delivering + collecting post-event.

Reduce Cleanup Costs

Significantly reduce the amount of waste events generate, creating savings in disposal and cleanup costs

Better Patron Experience

Provide better quality items + an engaging message on sustainability for your patrons

Help the environment

Significantly reduced the environmental impact of your venue + events

Sporting Stadiums + venues create significant single-use waste, increasing cleanup costs, damaging the environment and reputations along the way.

But you shouldn't have to choose between a great event or the environment.

It can seem challenging to avoid single-use items such as cups, plates and cutlery – that’s why Ruzi exists, to make re-use easy. 

We’ve helped organisations, event organisers, venues and individuals  reduce waste and impress with our re-usable solutions.


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Single-use items saved from landfill and counting.

How it works

Vendors order via online platform

Patrons served re-usable items

They drop in collection bins around venue

We collect, wash, store + re-use

Products we Provide

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Cups for Alcohol, Tea, Coffee and more
Plates + Food Trays in various sizes
Cutlery, Straws and more

Process to implement

Contact us to start conversation

Vision + requirements discussed

Vendors + stakeholders engaged

Initial no-risk trial scheduled