Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all services provided by Ruzi to each Customer unless the Customer is otherwise notified in writing.


  1. Quotation

Ruzi’s quotation will be valid for a period of up to fourteen days from date of issue, during which time acceptance of any order placed is via online confirmation by following the provided quote web link and clicking ‘Accept’.


  1. Deposit

A deposit of 30% is required to secure to secure Ruzi services for an event.


  1. Cancellation

Any cancellation of an order within fourteen days prior to the event will result in waiving of the deposit paid to Ruzi.

  1. Use of Re-Usable Items

All re-usable items supplied are the property of Ruzi.

Our service is built on the understanding that a portion items will fail to be correctly returned by patrons of an event, and thus temporarily or permanently lost.

Ruzi covers lost items up to 25% of total order, should lost item rates exceed this we have the right to charge the proportion over 25% with replacement fees.

We ask that organisers and vendors do their best to ensure items are correctly returned by patrons to collection points for re-possession by Ruzi at the end of the event to minimise losses, through the use of marketing and communication before and during event.


  1. Refund of unused items


Ruzi will refund unused items up to 20% of total order, provided these items have been stored away from the elements and do not require washing by our team prior to re-use at other events.


  1. Delivery

Ruzi makes no representation that re-usable items will be available to meet every order.

Availability of items to meet each order is subject to the timing of that order. Every endeavor will be made to complete delivery within the period stated but no liability can be accepted in regard thereto.

Ruzi shall not be liable for consequential damages of any kind arising out of late delivery or non-delivery.

Where the Customer has taken delivery at the premises of Ruzi all Re-usable items shall be returned to those premises by the agreed time.


  1. Collection

The Customer must make available for collection all Re-usable items at the end of the event during agreed collection slots.

A fee is chargeable for when collection of items are not ready or available during agreed collection slots.



  1. Delivery Dockets

Ruzi’s Delivery Dockets shall be conclusive evidence of the quantity and identity of the Re-usable items delivered and as to the date of delivery.

The Customer shall be responsible at their own cost for providing a representative to check the quantity and identity of Re-usable items delivered and to sign Ruzi Delivery Docket.

The Customer acknowledges and agrees that Ruzi shall be able to deliver the Re-usable items whether or not a representative of the Customer is present at the time of delivery.


  1. Site Approval

The Customer shall be responsible for giving any local or other authorities any necessary notice of their intention to use and store the Re-usable items and shall pay all fees in connection therewith.

If Ruzi incurs or suffers any loss, costs or damages as a consequence of the Customer’s failure to carry out its obligations under these terms the Customer shall be solely responsible and shall indemnify Ruzi for any such loss, costs or damages.


  1. Misuse Of Re-usable items

Ruzi shall not be liable for any loss or damages arising out of the incorrect use or abuse of the Re-usable items by the Customer, their vendors or patrons and the Customer agrees to keep Ruzi indemnified in respect thereof.



  1. Security

The Customer is responsible for the security of the Re-usable items until such time as it is returned to or collected by Ruzi.

In the event of the Re-usable items being stolen from the job site, the hirer shall notify Ruzi in writing stating the full circumstances of the theft and the time the police were notified.


  1. Access to Site

The Customer shall ensure that suitable access to and egress from the site is adequate to suit the mode of delivery or collection.


  1. No Liability for Indirect or Consequential Loss

Ruzi shall not in any event be liable for contingent, consequential, indirect, special, and punitive or any other similar damages, howsoever caused, for any damage, injury or loss, whether arising under breach of contract, negligence (commission, omission or advice), and strict liability or otherwise. All warranties by Ruzi to the Customer are excluded, to the full extent permitted by law. The liability of Ruzi resulting from a breach of any warranty unable to be excluded by law is strictly limited to the resupply of the Re-usable items to the Customer or the repair of the Re-usable items supplied to the Customer.


  1. Safety

Ruzi adheres to the law of the relevant Occupational Health and Safety Acts of A.C.T. & N.S.W, and cleans and sanitises our re-usable items to meet NSW Food Safety standards.

The Customer is to ensure adequate safety and hygiene measures are adopted to prevent the re-usable items becoming un-sanitary prior to use.


  1. Cleaning by Ruzi

Customers and their vendors are not required to clean the re-usable items before collection.

Cleaning and sanitisation will be carried out by the Ruzi team at our own facility post event and this is included as part of the event service.




  1. Payment Terms

All payments are strictly due as specified on Ruzi Quotation and invoice.

Ruzi reserves the right to charge interest up to 10% per month on overdue accounts.

Should payment in full not be paid within 60 days, legal action will be taken to recover the debt owing without further notice & all credit facilities will be closed.

Any expenses, costs or disbursements incurred by Ruzi in recovering any outstanding Monies including dishonored cheques, debt collection agency fees and solicitor’s costs shall be paid by the Customer.

In order to retake possession of the re-usable items, it shall be lawful for Ruzi to enter into or upon any premises where the same may be and the Customer hereby agrees to indemnify and to keep indemnified Ruzi against all liability and against all actions, suits, proceedings, claims, demands, costs and expenses howsoever incurred by Ruzi arising from Ruzi’s entry into or upon any premises in exercise of its rights of repossession.


  1. Goods & Services Tax/Stamp Duty

Where applicable the Customer will be charged in accordance with current Federal and State legislation.


  1. Governing Laws and Venue

This Contract will be governed and constructed in accordance with the laws of the state of NSW, the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of that state for determination of any dispute claim or demand arising out of these Terms & Conditions.

  1. Interpretation

“Ruzi” means Ruzi Group Pty Ltd Trading as Ruzi, Re-Use Made Easy
A.B.N. 346 189 590 32 and includes its servants or Agents.

“The Customer” means the person or persons company to whom the Tax Invoice is addressed and shall include their legal representative, administrators, and successors and or permitted assignees.

“Re-usable items” means the drink service food service items, as well as collection points, collapsible crates and communication material requested by the Customer from Ruzi.